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“She Shoots, She Scores” is a story about a young girl named Hilary, who strongly wants to play hockey. It was originally adapted from the book by Heather Kellerhals-Stewart. During a time when there was NO such thing as girls playing hockey, Hilary tries to break the norm by fighting to have a girls hockey team, or at least fight to allow girls to play on a team at all. A lot of opposition stands in her way, but Hilary refuses to give up until she gets to live out her passion as a hockey player.

“The New Recruits”, is an original story made possible with a Canada 150 grant. This story is written from the perspective of a bother and sister named Faird and Anika. Their parents, however, are immigrants to Canada whom travelled from El Salvador. When Faird and Anika find out that they are moving to Canada to a place called Red Deer, Alberta, they are faced with the reality that they are going to have to start at a new school, meet new friends, and learn a new language. They face a bit of static when Farid struggles greatly to understand the language. Anika desperately tries to find a way to help her little brother feel at home, and with the help of her new friends, it just may be possible, but it proves to not be an easy task. This is a story about friendship, acceptances and understanding.

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Here is a sneak peek at what is coming up for our winter programs in 2018.

Our Winter Programs (starting Jan 2018) are divided into two groups:

  • Program 1 / ages 9-12 / Red Deer Performing Arts Festival and creative writing; Tuesday Rehearsals 6-8:30pm with scheduled one-on-one Saturday coaching sessions. These sessions will be booked according to YOUR availability! This program will only run from January to April 2018.

We submit our youth into the Red Deer Performing Arts Festival every year! It is a great way for them to compete with other groups and hear from adjudicators about their performance. Our youth will get a chance to learn movement, voice and story telling. We also offer a creative writing process where our team collaborate together to write their own story which will then be read out loud to their friends and family.

  • Program 2 / ages 12-17 / The Reluctant Dragon; Sunday Rehearsals 1-5:30pm. This program will run from January to May 2018.

This adaptation of the Kenneth Grahame classic was nationally successful in its original productions. It is a charming tale of an unlikely friendship. The village of Guildermere blames the dragon who lives upon the downs for their dying crops and sour milk. But this dragon is a peace-loving, poetry-spouting fellow who would much prefer a cup of tea to a battle. When Saint George arrives, the dragon and his young friend, Glaston, face quite a challenge indeed. While true to the spirit and language of the charming original, this adaptation embraces the dramatic power of what happens when misunderstanding escalates into prejudice and violence.

We will open registration for our winter programs this upcoming December 2017. If you’d like to be notified when we open registration for Winter 2018, email us at to be added to our list.

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