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Our winter programs start up January 2018!!

Our Winter Programs (starting Jan 2018) are divided into two groups:

  • Program 1 / ages 9-12 / Red Deer Performing Arts Festival and creative writing; Tuesday Rehearsals 6:00pm to 8:00pm with scheduled one-on-one Saturday coaching sessions. These sessions will be booked according to YOUR availability! This program will only run from January to April 2018. ($295 per person)

We submit our youth into the Red Deer Performing Arts Festival every year! It is a great way for them to compete with other groups and hear from adjudicators about their performance. Our youth will get a chance to learn movement, voice and story telling. We also offer a creative writing process where our team collaborate together to write their own story which will then be read out loud to their friends and family.

  • Program 2 / ages 12-17 / The Reluctant Dragon; Sunday Rehearsals 1-5:30pm. This program will run from January to May 2018. ($395 per person)

This adaptation of the Kenneth Grahame classic was nationally successful in its original productions. It is a charming tale of an unlikely friendship. The village of Guildermere blames the dragon who lives upon the downs for their dying crops and sour milk. But this dragon is a peace-loving, poetry-spouting fellow who would much prefer a cup of tea to a battle. When Saint George arrives, the dragon and his young friend, Glaston, face quite a challenge indeed. While true to the spirit and language of the charming original, this adaptation embraces the dramatic power of what happens when misunderstanding escalates into prejudice and violence.

We will open for registration for our winter programs on Sunday, January 14th, 2018 for 1pm at the Scott Block Theatre. We will then start our rehearsal with our 12 to 17 year old actors on that same day! Our 9 to 12 year old actors will start their first rehearsal on Tuesday, January 16th from 6pm to 8pm.

Copy and paste the link below to take you to our Eventbrite page to pre-register!

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