Donations Accepted December 12-21, before every performance of Little Women by Marisha Chamberlain.


Before each performance of Little Women by Marisha Chamberlain, we will be collecting much needed donations on behalf of the Red Deer Mustard Seed. 

Message from the Mustard Seed:

"Operating out of the 54th street building, we are excited to have the opportunity to plant this Seed that we hope will grow into a strong ministry that changes lives.

As a member of the Red Deer community, this is your ministry. We want to work with you to ensure that our approach fits with the real needs of people experiencing poverty and homelessness in Red Deer.

We are committed to:

  • Being good neighbours to the people of Red Deer.

  • Walking alongside this community to create a Christ-centred ministry that changes lives.

  • Conducting a needs analysis so we can create targeted programs that are specific to the areas of greatest need."

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