It Takes a Village of Parents

All that is required for theatre to exist is one actor, a story, and one member of the audience. You don't need a stage, costumes, set, lights, sound, a director, seats, a stage, props, a stage manager, marketing, money, front of house, or pretty much anything we attribute to live theatre.

But, for most modern day audiences, the set, lights, sound, props, costumes, hair, makeup, special effects, and even the stage itself, are all part of the magic of live theatre. The process to bring all of the technical elements together on a large scale production, like our very own Little Women, take countless hours of planning, hard work, and a whole lot of people. For Tree House, this means we depend on the parents of our participants to get things done. The time they put into creating the sets, props, helping with costumes, and with front of house and backstage is incredible. We will now take you behind the scenes into the process to get the play Little Women from page and onto the stage. We will update this blog post as the production nears opening night.


Sketch by Albertus Koett for Little Women (2019)

All set designs need to begin at the script. The designer reads the script, and consults with the director of the show to hear what their vision is. In the case of our production of Little Women, the director is the set designer, Albertus Koett. The first thing Albertus did was come up with a sketch of the set. Once the sketch had been drawn up, the design team took a look and determined if the design met the needs of the show.

Set model built by Albertus Koett for Little Women (2019)

In order to help the set construction crew, a 3D model was built, painted, and furnished. The model not only showed the build team what the design should look like, but also informed the actors of the layout of the set, since the actors wouldn't get on the actual set until just before the show opened. Models can be built using pretty much any materials. These materials we purchased at Michael's.


After the design had been locked, the heads of the set construction and the set painting departments then scheduled the build for the set. A team needed to be assembled. On Little Women, we have been blessed with a tremendous group of parent volunteers. Lead by Josh (set) and Lyn (paint) Anderson, the team gathered this past Saturday (November 23, 2019) to begin the process of taking the design and bringing it to life. Special thanks need to go out to Central Alberta Theatre for partnering with us. They have given us use of their wonderful shop, and materials. The process will continue on Nov 30, 2019, and must be complete by load in week, Dec 2-7, 2019.

We will continue to update this page as the process continues. Here are some photos from the first day of the build:

Tune into the blog next week as we highlight the continued work of the set building and painting team of parent volunteers, as they finish off the set building process.

For tickets to our production of Little Women by Marisha Chamberlain, click here: Little Women Tickets. Tickets are selling fast, and may not be available at the door.

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