Thank You, Lisa

The blog this week is a thank you to Lisa Perkins. On October 27th we had our Annual General Meeting(AGM), and at this meeting, Tree House elected a new Board of Directors. For information on the AGM, including board election results, and reports, visit our Board page on our website: 2019 Annual General Meeting.

Lisa Perkins, who has served on the board in some capacity or another over the last 10 years, has stepped aside, and will no longer be a member of the board. Lisa has served as President of Tree House for the bulk of her time on the board, and has seen the "house" through some great times, and guided it through challenging times. While it is normal for parents to serve on the board for a number of seasons, they generally step aside when their kids are no longer participating with Tree House. Lisa, however, has stayed on in her role well past her son leaving the program. In fact, he just graduated from university!

Here now are some words from many of the people that had the opportunity to work with Lisa while she was a member of Tree House. Feel free to add your own well-wishes by leaving a comment.

Words from her son, Alexander Wozny

"A bit about me: I was in Tree House from 2008-2015, with my first show being The Wind in the Willows where I played Mole. I was in Let It Snow, Mulan Jr., Last Known Position, Sleeping Beauty, Red Deer River Stories, Ho, Ho... Huh? And then 2 For the Road was my last show. I loved every minute of it, and am very thankful my mom found Tree House and helped me get involved. I'm now in Ottawa, working for the government after having completed my bachelor's degree in Political Science and Communications. I still perform once a month with Outtake Improv, an improvised comedy group in the city! My mom introduced me to Theatre  and I will always look back fondly on the amazing people I met and things I learned along the way. The friends I made at Tree House are still the people who I go to see when I'm home in Red Deer! When we first started, I remember getting my role and being so thrilled about it. I talked my mother's ear off about it and she was always there to help me rehearse lines. I wouldn't have become the person I am today if not for Tree House and my Mom is responsible for keeping me there and helping me through it all.

My mom became president of the board just as I was reaching the end of my time in Tree House, but it came as no surprise that she would want to give back to an organization that has given so much to youth in our community. She has a history of giving time to causes she's passionate about, and I know it brings her an immense amount of joy to see kids grow through Tree House just as I and my friends did"

Words from Matt Gould, Artistic Director (September 2005-June 2016)

"Lisa. You walked into Tree House with Alex ten years ago and have been a steadfast rock ever since. I am not surprised that it is time for you to move on and let someone else help to guide and inspire and lead the troupe onward, and I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for Tree House. Your sage advice and supportive sense of adventure when I proposed yet another hair-brained theatrical production is something that I will cherish , always. I thank you and I know that everyone in the room listening to these words thanks you. See you soon."

Words from Nicole Leal, Artistic Director (September 2016-June 2018)

Words from Albertus Koett, Artistic Director (October 2018-Present)