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Rehearsal Program
Ages 13-17

Welcome to our Rehearsal Program!

Our program is designed to be a safe space for kids and teens to explore the world of theatre through rehearsals, theatre games, and improvisation, without the expectation of performing for a live audience. It's also perfect for those who enjoy theatre but have other commitments that make it difficult to attend our regular performances.

In our program, we want to have fun creating together, playing theatre games, and building confidence in a supportive environment where failure and looking silly are encouraged. Although there are no performances scheduled for this program, we can provide opportunities for participants to share monologues, short scenes, or participate in backstage work if they are interested.

We've witnessed firsthand the transformative power that theatre can have on someone's confidence. We strongly believe that theatre doesn't need a performance to be valid, transformative, and fun!


  • Rehearsals are held on Sundays from 11:00 to 1:00

  • The cost is $500 for the full season, or $350 per term (Sept-Dec/Jan-May). 

  • The program runs from September to May, at the Red Deer Memorial Centre.

Registration for our 2022/23 season is closed. However, we'll be opening registration for our 2023/24 season in June 2023.

About the Rehearsal Program

Our Artistic Director, Albertus Koett, and Associate Artistic Director, Nicole Leal, will lead this program intended for those not quite ready to get on stage or backstage, or for those that can't commit to all of our rehearsal dates. We will work on monologues, learn about stage craft and stage management, create sketches together, and improvise. While we will always encourage participants to get out of their comfort zone to perform for an audience, there is no expectation that any participant step on stage in front on an audience. 

Our Techincal Director, Braden Guido, will be providing technical support and instruction to the program, while our Costume Designer, Gwendolyn McCagg, will work with participants on costume design, specifically 

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