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The Reluctant Dragon

Adapted by Mary Hall Surface

May 3-12, 2018

Cast and Crew

Director/Set Design: Nicole Leal

Stage Manager/Sound Design/Light Technician: Braden Guido

Light Design: William Robinson

Costume Design: Gwendolyn McCagg

Set Painters: 

  • Sue Baker

  • Sheila Wright

  • Joan Truckle

  • Sharon Van Essen

Set Builder: Mikki Larson​

Accompaniment Design: Morgan McKee

Stage Combat: Vanessa McCagg

Weapons Provided by: Thomas Usher

President: Lisa Perkins
Vice President: Heather Misiak
Secretary: Christine Hanrahan
Treasurer: Stephan Weninger
Board Members at Large: 

  • Pam Bettenson

  • Julia Price

The Reluctant Dragon_edited.jpg
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Second Cast-6493.jpg
Second Cast-6319.jpg
Second Cast-6187.jpg
Second Cast-6239.jpg
Second Cast-6142.jpg
First Cast-4820.jpg
First Cast-4764.jpg
First Cast-4726.jpg
First Cast-4625.jpg
First Cast-4668.jpg
First Cast-4622.jpg
First Cast-4579.jpg
First Cast-4548.jpg
First Cast-4531.jpg
First Cast-4442.jpg
First Cast-4518.jpg
First Cast-4460.jpg
First Cast-4500.jpg
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