Artistic Director

Marathon Fundraiser

May 29th, 2021

Due to the global pandemic, THYT has seen a drastic reduction in our revenue from needing to cancel our live presentation of our June 2020 one-act festival, our December 2020 production of Romeo and Juliet, and our June 2021 performances of our one-act festival. We have also kept our registration numbers low in order to stay within AHS guidelines.

Our Artistic Director, Albertus Koett, will be running a marathon (42.2km) on May 29th, in the hopes of raising money for our 2021/22 season. 



Every donation we receive will go towards our 2021/22 season.

Run Route w Sponsors.jpg


Your company or organization can sponsor a 5km section of the run.


Thank you to everyone that has donated to our marathon fundraiser!


  • Edith and Rob McLaren ($250.00)

  • Anonymous ($200.00)

  • Lisa Perkins ($126.00)

  • Gwen McCagg and David Robidoux, in honour of Margaret McCagg ($126.00)

  • Tanya Ryga ($100.00)

  • Craig Scott ($100.00)

  • Deborah Van Delden ($88.00)

  • Anonymous ($88.00)

  • Jack and Andrea Van Delden ($50.00)

  • Anonymous ($50.00)

  • Alexander Wozny ($42.00)

  • Janet Cole ($30.00)

  • Deb Comfort ($25.00)

  • Anonymous ($25.00)

  • Anonymous ($20.00)

  • Anonymous ($20.00)


PASS Electric Inc.

PASS Electric Inc. is a locally owned, family run electrical contracting company specializing in residential service work. 

Improv Jelly

We are a company that believes in building strong communities. We gather people to collectively learn the principles of improvisation and teach them to tell great stories together.