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Little Women

Performed in the Nickle Studio in the Red Deer Memorial Centre, December 12-21, 2019, our production of Little Women, featured our 13-17 year old participants as the cast and crew of this holiday classic, based on the timeless novel by Louisa May Alcott. The show was presented with some double casting, which created a Week One and a Week Two Cast/Crew for the show. In addition to Little Women, our 9-12 year old participants presented The Witch's Curse, based on the fictional play by the Little Women character of Jo March.

Production Photos By Jenny D Photography

Production Photos

Little Women Production Team

Director/Set Design/Sound Design: Albertus Koett

Stage Manager/Light Design/Props: Kaylee Boone

Assistant Stage Manager/Props Design/Sound Board Operator/Cast Portraits: Calyan Anderson

Assistant Stage Manager: Raiah Wong, Charlotte Skogen, Mackenzie Hudson

Costume Design: Gwendolyn McCagg

Hair and Makeup Design: Kate Harris

Head of  Set Construction: Josh Anderson

Head of Set Painting: Lyn Anderson

Costume Assistant: Liza Ranneva

Light Board Operator: Kylie Nergard (wk 1), Sierra Ebbesen (wk 2)

Hair and Makup Crew: Camryn, Jordyn Scott, Karen Hudson, Kate Harris, Shari Casson, Sharmin Unwin

Set Construction: Andy Hudson, Jen Dow, Josh Anderson, Peter Cummings, Randy Johnson, Steve Funk, Trevor Phillips

Set Painting: Belinda Stier, Blake Unwin, Kaylee Boone, Liam Anderson, Lyn Anderson, Ryan Walsh, Sharmin Unwin, Susan Walsh, Tammy Twyne, Val Gill, Zander Diletzoy

Front of House: Belinda Stier, Jen Dow, Jessica Mask, Liam Anderson, Madi Young, Renee Cummings, Roxanne Ebbesen, Sue Stang, Susan Walsh, Tammy Twyne, Trevor Phillips

Backstage Volunteer: Christine Carter-Funk, Deborah Van Delden, Heather Carson, Fred Tjekl, Roxanne Ebbesen

The Witch's Curse

Our 9-12 year old participants produced the one-act play The Witch's Curse, which is based on the play the ficitional Jo March writes in Louisa May Alcott's novel, Little Women. This play was presented before each production of our version of Little Women, adapted by Marisha Chamberlain.

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